Debut album, Doors to the City, out 9/30/16!

We're still alive!

It's pretty wild when you're talking about the last time you played a show as if it was just a few weeks ago and realize that it's been almost a year. Oops.

Things have been crazy on all sorts of levels in the last year or two so here's what been going on:

We finished recording the album. We actually finished a long time ago but the end of recording was bittersweet as it signaled the end of the band as I had known it for 4 years with everyone moving out of the Bay Area to pursue lives, loves, and dreams. I kept myself busy drawing the art work for it and going through with finishing the album myself. 

Since then it's been me trying to piece together a group of guys to play with me and I'm very thankful for their time and talents. After a couple great shows, I decided to take a break from playing to figure out what to do with the album and instead found myself scoring a documentary, recording an EP with my other band There's Talk, taking on more roles at my job at Self Edge and most importantly, I got married. These were all things that I have loved doing but it did mean that The Soonest took kind of an unintended extended break. 

There were some potentially exciting developments for The Soonest that all ended up not working out which kind of stalled whatever momentum that started to build but that's neither important or worthy of being an excuse of months of silence and inactivity. 

So that brings us to now. I still have no clue what is going to happen with this project I started on a whim 6 years ago but what I do know is that I have an album that I think is pretty excellent, a group of talented musicians to play with,  and the desire to release music that I'm quite proud of. 

I'm finishing up some videos and will be working on a music video, live in studio videos and putting together some shows. 

If your'e still tuning in, I AM going to release this album and hopefully you'll hear some sounds and words in there that will mean something to you. 

See you soonest.