Debut album, Doors to the City, out 9/30/16!

Sometimes you get an idea for a sound that just never goes away. Sometimes that idea becomes something worth working on and leads to more ideas. When that happens, sometimes I'll share it and if I'm lucky, other people will be drawn to those ideas and want to work on it to make it something more than it was before.

The Soonest is my overgrown idea that I’ve had the fortune of working on with many people over the last 6 years. It’s not quite a band as it is a continuous project that allows me to put stories to the sounds that I make. The people who helped me in the beginning aren't the same people who are working with me now and while it’s always disappointing when people leave, I'm hugely grateful when I listen back and hear how much everyone has helped shape the music.

“Doors to the City” is based on story about a person who is given an opportunity to relive moments of his life, redo things he regrets, and come to terms with who he is now. It’s not as much as a concept album as it is a soundtrack to the story that I’m keeping to myself for the most part. The story does start like this though:


“I dreamt that I was walking on a road after it had rained for a while and the sun was coming out.

Nothing looked all that familiar but I somehow knew that I had walked this way once before.

A quiet old woman whispered to me that the road would end when I was ready and able.

I was confused on what she meant but when it ended, it all made sense and I knew.

I knew that everything would be different and that I was here to start again.

The sun made it hard to see what was ahead and the air was very still.

I slowly reached forward until I felt the handle in my hand.

I had finally found the doors to the city.”


It’s got loud moments followed by soft moments that are all tied together with a lot of instruments and a lot of voices singing together. It’s been an amazing opportunity creating this album and when it’s released I hope you enjoy it. 

- Young Lee